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Wonder Woman Sneak Peek Released; Trailer #2 Drops Tomorrow

Дата публикации: 03.11.16                                                                                                                                                    

Warner Bros officially kicked their DC Comics Extended Universe into high gear earlier this year with the premiere of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The followup to 2013’s Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice introduced major DC Comics players in Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Ben Affleck) and Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) — the latter of which quickly became a fan favorite. After this summer’s release of the villain team-up Suicide Squad, the next entry in the DECU is Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.

Diana Prince’s solo outing made a splash during Warner Bros’ panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego this past summer when the studio unveiled the first full trailer for Wonder Woman. Now, after receiving classification and a tease from Jenkins herself, Warner Bros has officially announced the arrival of a second Wonder Woman trailer.

The sneak peek video for Wonder Woman [above] reveals the full trailer will arrive tomorrow, confirming Jenkins’ previous hint that it would drop on Thursday. The sneak peek itself seems to mainly include footage used in the SDCC Wonder Woman trailer as Diana climbs out of trench in the midst of a World War I battle, and fights a group of soldiers in a different sequence.

Wonder Woman Sneak Peek Released; Trailer #2 Drops Tomorrow

Diana Prince made her official DCEU debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, drawing the attention of Bruce Wayne before teaming up with Superman and Batman to take on Lex Luthor’s (Jesse Eisenberg) Doomsday creation in the final act of the film. She’ll return in Snyder’s Justice League next year, working with Bruce Wayne to assemble a team of superheroes. However, Jenkins’ Wonder Woman film will dive into the character’s history, following Diana as she leaves her home of Themyscira in order to join WWI with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

The Wonder Woman Comic-Con trailer was well received by fans this summer, teasing an entertaining superhero adventure with its roots firmly planted in the DC superhero’s comic book mythology. Many have since argued Wonder Woman may be the commercial and critical hit Warner Bros needs in the DCEU; while Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad both delivered successful box office returns, they failed to receive much critical praise and became divisive among DC Comics fans. Certainly, given the excitement generated by the first trailer, Wonder Woman could be a hit across the board.

That said, with only one trailer released so far along with a handful of photos featuring Diana Prince herself, Warner Bros. has only begun its marketing lead up to the release of Wonder Woman. With the debut of the second trailer tomorrow — which will surely include plenty of new footage — and subsequent TV spots, promos, featurettes, etc. we’ll learn more about what to expect from Wonder Woman as its summer 2017 release date draws closer.


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